Awkward Space? Sorted.

frameless elegance, the finishing touch to your new bathroom..

 Commglass has an extensive range of shower screens and shower doors. They are available to suit any configuration, optimising space and enhancing the design of any bathroom.

Transform your bathroom with a new glass shower screen

Our shower screens are custom made to suit individual needs and installed with the expertise only Commglass can offer. Simply select the shower screen system and design most compatible with your bathroom's style, including optional, pivot or frameless shower door and screen designs.

Alternatively, if you're not sure what kind of glass screens or shower doors are ideally suited to your bathroom, we can advise on the best solution and arrange an installation service.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, all our shower screens are made from the highest quality toughened glass, usually between 8-10mm in thickness. We install every shower screen to comply with the the British Standard BS EN 12600 Class 1



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